Quinta do Marquette

Quinta do Marquette is a vine plantation based in São Torcato, a little village 10 km far from the historic city of Guimarães in the North of Portugal.

Situated in the Ave region, you can find there a really typical landscape of the so called Minho, a hilly region where fields of vine and eucalyptus forests harmoniously alternate. One of the main culture is precisely the vine because this area makes part of the unique territory of Vinhos Verdes (Green Wines in English). The wines we produce preserve the authenticity and tastes of the typical vine varieties we can find in this region. The climate of this valley surrounded by mounts brings cold rainy winters and hot summers with annual temperature about 14°C. The soils are essentially granitic with a sandy texture. These parameters determine the terroir where the vine burgeon and offers fruity tasting notes to the wines as well as an exceptional quality. Quinta do Marquette, built in 2003, uses the most modern technologies to cultivate several hectares of vine always reconsidering the production process in order to give best quality products. Marquette is a high quality wine producer in the Vinhos Verdes region. Mixing modern technologies and ancient traditions, the result is a wine with sensational gustatory qualities. Its fruity taste and measured acidity form a subtle combination of harmonious and soft flavours. Our production capability is nowadays about 250 000 litres and we want to reach 500 000 litres in the next few years.