Herdade do Montenovo e Figueirinha

Our passion for wine takes shape in the winery of Herdade da Figueirinha based in S.Brissos-Beja in the region Alentejo (Portugal).

This 300 hectares plantation counts with 70 of them exclusively reserved for the vines culture. With the help of a totally devoted staff, we develop a common passion: the respect for Nature and the love of wine. Sharing these values, we never stop trying to reach a single purpose: produce wines of excellence known and primed internationally. Built in 2003, the Figueirinha winery is based in the heart of the plantations, which reduce the transport from the harvest sites to the production infrastructure. This minimal time allows us to produce a best quality wine. We possess the most modern technologies. The crushing process is entirely mechanised with pneumatics systems. We obtain a homogeneous grape must with a low rate of solid residues. We only extract the best from grapes. The winery can reach a production of 1,5 million litres of wines. The winery also provides services to smaller local wine producer. The red grapes represent 40 hectares of several varieties: Trincadeiras, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Pinot Noir and Alicante Boushet The white grapes represent 30 hectares of Antão Vaz, Chardonay and Arinto. The production is under the control of our oenologists Mr. Filipe Sevinate Pinto and Mrs. Susana Correia, from the harvest to the warehousing. The maturation is operated in wine cellars using French and American oak barrels. Thermic and hydrometric parameters are always under control. The wine is then bottled at the property and conserved in the cellars to optimise its maturation.