This project was born in 2002 with the plantation of a vineyard and the construction of a wine-growing holding equipped with the most recent technologies.

Pneumatic pressure systems, stalk separators, stainless steel tank, premium quality corkstoppers, sterilized bottles and mechanised bottlers and packaging systems are some elements which contributed to the elaboration of this enterprise project. A structured growth is one of our main preoccupations. In order to reach this objective, we needed to create an area regrouping cultural legacy, Portuguese wine gastronomic heritage and the most advanced technologies. Verde Gosto was created in 2012 in order to improve the visibility of our brands and terroirs in a national and international context. Strong of a several years’ experience in agribusiness, we focus on the international market with aspirations and ambitions. However, we remain profoundly attached to the simplicity and humility of our cultural origins. In order to answer an important number of demands and solicitations, we recently extend our product range including several qualities of Extra Virgin Olive oils. We are really proud to promote the Iberian culture and export its alimentary customs. Having a profound knowledge of every details of our products is crucial for us. In fact, participate actively to the production process in order to always better the quality makes part of our philosophy. This exigence allows us to benefits of a Portfolio with highest quality products.