The olive tree emerged during the tertiary era, a long time before Human. However, the use of olive oil occurred later with the Mesopotamian civilisation 6000 years ago. The production in itself and olive grove plantation is even more late and became possible thanks to the Phoenicians. Our oils are completely produced in traditional olive plantations in the Montoro region and in the heart of Guadalquivir Valley (Iberian Peninsula). Olive oil is extracted from olives which go through several chemicals and physical process. An extreme quality oil must be produced with entire, sound and matured olives, in a period inferior to 24 hours after picking. Traditionally, the harvest is operated with large wood sticks we used to hit the olive trees in order to make the olives drop on the floor. Nowadays, we use mechanical arms to shake the trees and make the fruits drop. Then, the olives are carefully transported in rigid boxes until the press. Olives are separated from their leaves and washed with running water, after what, they are highly selected according to their quality and maturation and pressed until we obtain a homogeneous paste which temperature must stay inferior to 27°C. It’s the principle of cold extraction. In a second time, the oil is extracted from the olive must and solid residues with a press system, continuous centrifugation or selective filters (Sinolea method). The oil is conserved in special warehouses with a thermic control and free of any light source in order to favour the development of its aromas and stop its oxidation until the commercialization. Subsequently, we operate pH tests to guaranty a high quality olive oil. After these tests, and their validation, the oil is bottled and labelled. Climate, terroir, authentic origins and total personal devotion are some of the factors contributing to the sweetness and exceptional tastes of our oils. It results oils with unique personality and intense flavours for incomparable gustatory experiences.

We work to produce the most genuine and intense olive oil. We work to create the perfect ingredient of so many unique moments.